Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy

WellnessRx Pharmacy is your neighborhood pharmacy dedicated to making each interaction personal. Unlike the big box stores, we come to know our customers, and we care about the health and well being of everyone who comes into our store. If you are tired of waiting in line at those impersonal chain stores, then try a neighborhood pharmacy. There’s no comparison.

As your local pharmacy we offer the exact same medications as the big box retailers and chain stores. Plus, not only do we have a price matching service, be we often have lower prices than those stores for over the counter medications. In addition, we keep a back stock all of the same prescriptions drugs as the big box stores.

We serve the San Diego State Area, College Area, Rolando, and all of East San Diego and offer delivery service. We’re happy to provide you with our “front door service” bringing all of your prescriptions and over the counter products you need when you are aren’t feeling your best.

We’ve been serving the Vietnamese and Mexican communities in San Diego for more than ten years. We are happy to serve our clients in their native language to ensure they understand how to comply with their doctor’s instructions.

About Our Pharamacist

Think of Vicki as your personal pharmacist. Just like having one doctor who knows your entire medical history, having a pharmacist who knows your medication history can be critical to your health. Of course, Vicki will know your medications and she will watch for any possible drug combination complications, but Vicki will also come to know you as a person. She will anticipate those common questions you have about instructions and help guide you with any over-the-counter purchases.

Vicki is dedicated to serving the people of her neighborhood; she speaks English, Vietnamese, and Spanish. She is familiar with cultural sensitivities and differences, easily understanding client concerns that would be overlooked by a generic pharmacist. In times of poor health, coming down to the pharmacy in person can be impossible, so she is accessible for phone consultations. Impersonal pharmaceutical service is so commonplace today, people don’t even know there is an option for personal, caring service.

Let Vicki be your personal pharmacist and experience a new level of medical care available only through individuals like her.

Vicki Phuong-Nga Phan, PharmD